James Day 2 Box Office Collection

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Most awaited Kannada Language Action Drama Movie James which has been released in India on 17th March 2022 and this movie is very special because it is the last movie of Puneet Kumar because now we are no more Kannada Superstar Puneet Kumar. Has passed away and this was his last movie which has been released in theaters.

If you are also a fan of Kannada superstar Puneeth Kumar then you must have also seen this movie and the makers of the movie had decided to release this movie in all languages ​​of India, so this movie will be released in India in Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam in all these languages. and hope you must have seen the review of this movie, if you like this movie then you can definitely go to the theater and watch it.

James Box office collection

Most awaited Kannada Movie has been released in India on 17th March 2022 and those who were waiting for this movie for a long time can go to their nearest theater and watch the movie, this is the first movie of Puneet Kumar which was released in India. Pen India has been released, before that his movie was released but the movie was released only in Kannada language.

But this is the first time that Kannada superstar Puneet Kumar’s movie Pen India has been released, if you guys want to know the complete box office collection of this movie, then read the article carefully, this movie was released in India today Complete 2 days have passed. And the first day India net collection of the movie was about 9 nineteen crores, on the second day the movie is seen collecting around 12 crores.

On the second day, about 40 percent black is seen in the collection of the movie because on the first day where the movie did India net collection of ₹ 20 crores, while the world wide collection is seen doing around ₹ 24 to ₹ 25 crores of movies and for this movie. You are getting to see many superstars like Puneet Kumar Priya Anand Shrikant Mukesh in the lead role, while the movie is directed by Chetan Kumar.

Day Collection
Day 1 ₹20.75 Crore
Day 2 ₹9.07.00 Crore
  • India Net Collection_₹29.75 Crore
  • India Gross Collection_₹
  • World Wide Collection_₹
  • Overseas Collection_₹
  • Release Date_ 17 March 2022
  • Language_ Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi

James Day 2 Theatre Occupancy Kannada

Morning Show_25.67%

Afternoon Show_42.97%

Evening Show_58.57%

Night Show_65.67%

James Day 2 Theatre Occupancy Telugu

Morning Show_15.03%

Afternoon Show_15.23%

Evening Show_15.34%

Night Show_15.98%

James Day 2 Theatre Occupancy Tamil

Morning Show_3.37%

Afternoon Show_10.55%

Evening Show_8.77%

Night Show_9.87%

James Box office collection

Puneeth Kumar’s movie james seems to be doing a great box office collection, this movie is getting a great response in Telugu language but Hindi and Telugu are not seeing some special response in both these languages, while Canada language Somewhere in me all the shows of the movie are running housefull but this movie is not being liked in Hindi language and the movie is also doing a lot of work collection.

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