Kgf Chapter 2 Advance Booking Collection Report

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KGF Chapter 2, made under the direction of Prashanth Neel, part one of this movie was released 3 years ago, which has been a superhit movie in India and this movie was being awaited in India for a long time, in fact KGF Chapter 2 Movie 2020 in India. It was about to be released in India, you know that the theater release date of this movie got canceled due to the lock down in India by the Indian government.

Then this movie could not be released but now this movie is to be released confirmed on 14th April 2022 and the advance collection of the movie is also looking very good. The language is being liked a lot and the Hindi net collection of this movie is also being seen very well on the first day, you will be able to watch KGF Chapter 2 movie in any of your favourite languages.

Kgf Chapter 2 Advance Booking Collection Report

If we talk about the advance collection of KGF Chapter 2 movie, then the movie seems to be performing very well, the movie has made an advance collection of about 9 crores from Kannada language and about 20 crores from Hindi language. Has collected about two crores from Malayalam language

But the lowest collection of this movie seems to be coming in Telugu language, the biggest reason for this is that RRR movie is available in Telugu language at this time, that’s why this movie does not seem to be responding well to Telugu language. But talk about Tamil language that Tum movie has made a great collection and this movie is seen doing an advance collection of about three crores from Tamil language.

You will know that Tamil Superstar Thalapathy Vijay’s movie is available in theater at this time because Beast movie has been released on 13th April 2022 and KGF Chapter 2 movie is released on 14th April.

  • Kannada_₹10.90 Crore
  • Hindi _₹24 Crore 
  • Tamil_₹4.80 Crore 
  • Telugu_₹7 Crore
  • Malayalam_₹2.20 Crore 

Total First Day Advance Booking Collection _₹48.70 Crore 

Kgf Chapter 2 Kannada Language Advance Booking Report

Bengaluru₹5 Cr77%
Hubballi₹10.87  L83%
Mangaluru₹12.99 L33%
Belagavi₹13.18 L89%
Mumbai₹2.89 L33%
mysuru₹43.08 L98%
Shivamogga₹14.08 L100%
Kundapura₹5.07 L78%
Tumakuru₹13.68 L98 %

KGf Chapter 2 Hindi Language Advance Booking Report

Mumbai₹2.12 Cr32
Delhi₹2.78 Cr52
Pune₹1.34 Cr44
Bengaluru₹4.92 L39
Kolkata₹1.02 Cr59
Ahmedabad₹78.03 L43
Chennai₹1.2 L85
Surat₹ 68.04 L45
Jaipur₹54.04 L50
Chandigarh₹ 24.86 L54
Bhopal₹ 14.55 L54
Lucknow₹ 37.44 L31
Kanpur₹ 13.87 L47
Nagpur₹ 34.02 L32
Badodara₹22.07 L19
Ludhiana₹ 9.66 L21

KGf Chapter 2 Malayalam Advance Booking Report

Kochi₹44.06 L 
Trivandrum₹15.01 L 
Bengaluru₹1.00 L 
Kozhikode₹10.44 L 
Thrissur₹ 21.23 L 
Kollam₹17.06 L 
Kottayam₹6.34 L 
Alappuzha₹7.56 L 

KGf Chapter 2 Tamil Language advance Booking Report

Chennai₹77.64 L87%
Madurai₹15.44 L65%
Coimbatore₹8.45 L88%
Panducherry₹5.45 L100%
Salem₹6.67 L71%
Vellore₹6.45 L54%
Dindigul₹3.67 L86%
Kochi₹5.34 L56%
Trichy₹9.76 L99%
Trivandrum₹36.88 L65%

Disclaimer: The Box Office Data are compiled from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data.