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Telugu industry’s movie Liger which is currently in a lot of discussion, this movie was to be released in India in 2021 but due to some reason the release date of the movie could not be confirmed and recently this movie was released in theaters. Has been released on 25 August 2022 and is seen doing a great box office collection from the movie theaters for those who also want to download Vijay Devarakonda’s movie Liger.

Or if you are thinking of watching online, then through this article you are going to give complete information about the movie Liger and also bring you the review box office collection budget of the movie, you are going to get complete information related to all these, that’s why this article Read carefully friends, as you know, a lot of pirated websites have become available in today’s time, with the help of which you can download movie web series sitting at home.

You can also watch online, if you talk about downloading Liger movie, you will only need internet connection and you people will be able to download Liger movie, although there are many ways to download movies but the best way is that you I can go to the theater to watch a movie, but if you do not want to watch a movie in the theater, then you can also watch the movie sitting at home, those who also want to download Hindi Language Movie Liger

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Movie  Liger 
Director By Jagannath Puri 
Producer by  Karan 
Language  Telugu, Hindi
Country  India 
Running Time  140 min 
Production Company  Dharma Productions 
Distributed by  AA Films
Budget  ₹150 Crore 

Liger Movie Review 

Telugu movie liger has been in a lot of discussion for the time being and let me tell you this movie has been released in India on 25th August 2022 in World Wide Theater and the movie is getting good reviews from Google user, this movie is only 45. % Liked While on IMBD, this movie has got a rating of about 4 points, which has been included in the list of lowest rated movie of Vijay Devarakonda. This movie was released in India in both Telugu and Hindi languages. Is

The movie is being liked less in Telugu and Hindi belt because the story of the movie is very less liked by the people. In the movie Vijay Devarakonda and his mother come from a village and set up a tea stall in Mumbai. Some goons come to collect the week and take money from them but Vijay Devarakonda gets into a fight and his mother takes him to a coach and tells him to prepare for the fight.

Ronit Roy is playing the role of coach in this movie without spending any money and let us tell you that when Vijay Devarakonda meets Anaya Pandey, he is with his brother who is a fighter and Vijay Devarakonda. And seeing Anaya Pandey’s brother, they start fighting each other and become each other’s enemy but gradually Vijay Devarakonda falls in love with Bana Pandey.

Liger Full Movie Download
Liger Full Movie Download

Liger Movie Box Office 

Vijay Devarakonda’s movie Liger is directed by Jagannath Puri and this movie is produced by Karan Johar Zindagi Production Company name is Dharma Production and he has produced a very great movie but if we talk about the collection of Liger movie is the first India net was around 17 crores on the day, while the movie made 22 crores for itself on the first day from world wide market and Hindi net collection was around 5 crores.

At the same time, the Telugu net collection was around 12 crores which is a very good thing but the movie is getting a lot of drop on the second day because the box office collection of Ludo movie on the second day is being told very less than the Indian market and the movie I have done box office collection from 5 crores market only on the second day which is very less and on the second day world wide has done business of only six crores.

The first week the movie has made the box office collection from the Indian market is around 30 crores and from the world wide market is around 40 crores to 45 crores, with this the total box office collection of the movie is being told. very little

Liger Movie Budget, Hit and Flop

Karan Johar, director of Liger movie, had told that the budget of Liger movie is around 120 crores but recently an update has come where it has been told that the budget of this movie is around 170 crores and it is a sports drama. It is a movie, due to which a decent amount has been spent in making the movie, but Vijay Devarakonda has charged around 35 crores in the movie, Anaya Pandey is real around three crores and there are many more actors.

Including which around 10 crores and fees have been taken, due to which the budget of the movie becomes around 50 crores only and if we talk about ₹ 50 has been spent in making the movie and advertising cost. Including around 10 Crore to ₹ 15 Crore has been spent separately and you would know that this movie has been released in Hindi and Telugu language.

Due to which the movie was dubbed and released, that’s why this movie cost a little more, so the total budget of this movie is around 170 crores and if this movie is to be a superhit in India then at least from the Indian market. 200 crores will have to be recovered while around 40 to 50 crores from the world wide market i.e. the lifetime box office collection of the movie should be above about 200 crores.

Liger Movie OTT Release date 

As you know, all the South movies or Bollywood movies are available in the theater for 1 month and sometimes a movie is available in the theater for 2 months and after that the movie is available on the online streaming platform. but is released and this is what happened

Along with Vijay Devarakonda’s Movie Liger, this movie will be available in theaters for a month and the digital rights of the movie have been bought by Hotstar, while the satellite rights of the movie have been bought by Star Indian Network and the music rights of the movie have been bought by Hotstar. Bought by Sony Music South, due to which the movie has recovered 50 crores by matching all its rights.

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