RRR Day 5 Box Office Collection

RRR Day 5 Box Office Collection, Most awaited Telugu language action drama movie RRR which has been released in theaters in India on 25th March 2022 and if we talk about the collection of the movie, then this movie has cut a great box office collection in its last 4 days. Talking about the box office collection of the first day of the movie, this movie has broken many movie records.

RR movie is seen doing a box office collection of about 130 crores on the first day, in fact this movie should have been released in India long ago but the movie could not be released because in 2021 due to coronavirus all theaters were closed and at that time Had the movie been released, it might have been a flop.

RRR Day 5 Box Office Collection

After the movie Bahubali of the Telugu industry, if any movie has been able to break the record at the box office, then that movie is SS Rajamouli’s movie RRR and after that KGF Chapter 2 is going to be released in theaters on 14 April 2022, now it is to see what Telugu is. Movie r r highest box office collection in theaters 2022 or kannada movie kgf chapter 2

Because the buzz of both these movies remains very great and audience is waiting for these movie for a long time but RRR movie has disappointed people a lot because the way people were expecting the story of the movie to see people like it. And the collection of this movie is coming the most from Telugu industry followed by Hindi and then from Tamil and then from Malayalam to Kannada language.

This movie is doing very little collection, if we talk about the first day, then 130 crores movie collection was done on the second day, 86 crores box office collection was done on the third day 100 crores box office collection and on the fourth day the movie collected 45 crores. Appeared and on the fifth day RRR movie collected around 37 crores.

Day collection
Day 1 ₹130.76 Crore
Day 2 ₹86.87 Crore
Day 3 ₹100.02 Crore
Day 4 ₹45.34 Crore
Day 5 ₹37.07 Crore
  • India Net Collection_₹
  • India Gross Collection_₹
  • Overseas Collection_₹
  • World Wide Collection_₹

RRR Day 5 Theatre Occupancy Telugu

Morning Show_30.28%

Afternoon Show_42.02%

Evening Show_60.88%

Night Show_55.62%

RRR Day 5 Theatre Occupancy Hindi

Morning Show_10.02%

Afternoon Show_20.29%

Evening Show_32.76%

Night Show_41.02%

RRR Day 5 Theatre Occupancy Tamil

Morning Show_12.18%

Afternoon Show_20.86%

Evening Show_30.57%

Night Show_30.76%

RRR Day 5 Telugu, Tamil, Hindi Occupancy Main Regions

You are getting to see actors like Telugu Superstar Ramcharan Jr NTR Ajay Devgan Alia Bhatt in the lead role of Telugu Movie RRR and the movie is a Telugu language movie but this movie has been released Pan India i.e. this movie is in Telugu language. Apart from this, Hindi Malayalam Tamil Kannada has been released in all these languages.

If we talk about the occupancy of the movie, then in Hyderabad 63 percent in Bangalore, 24 percent in Chennai, 30 percent in Vijaywada, 60 percent in Gutur, 50 percent in Nizamabad, 70 percent in Delhi, 15 percent in Mumbai, 17 percent in Mumbai In this way the occupancy of the movie in Telugu language If we talk about the Hindi language found, then about 25 percent from Mumbai, 33 percent from Delhi, 22 percent from Bangalore, 45 percent from Bangalore.

Hyderabad, 40 percent, Kolkata, 22 percent, Ahmedabad, 30 percent, Chennai, 7%, Surat, 35 percent, Jaipur, thirty percent, Chandigarh, 18 percent, Bhopal, 20 percent, and Lucknow have 18% occupancy.

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