Ajay Devgan Web Series – Rudra The Edge of Darkness Review

Rudra: The Age of Darkness was waiting for Ajay Devgan. With this series, he has entered the world of OTT. Everything here revolves around Ajay and hence the fans will not be disappointed.

  • Web Series_ Rudra¬† The Edge Of Darkness
  • Release Date_4 March 2022
  • Director By_Rajesh Mapuskar
  • Imbd_
  • Google User_
  • Rating_3.9/5

Rudra Web Series Star Cast

Ajay Devgn, Raashii Khanna, Esha Deol, Atul Kulkarni, Ashwini Kalsekar

Rudra Web Series Review

Ajay Devgn becomes DCP Rudra Pratap Singh in Mumbai Police’s Special Crime Unit when in the first episode of Rudra: The Age of Darkness, he tells his senior (Ashwini Kalsekar), ‘The whole system is on jumlas. It is going on’, so there is a fear that this thing may also apply to the series. Slowly this fear starts to prove to be true. Characters fabricated from current formulas and jumlas start appearing. First of all, in the six-minute introduction of

Rudra, you understand that this capable officer is unfit in the system. He is suspended. An inquiry sits against him. Then such a case comes that the department does not find a solution other than him. Then he returns. On seeing the crime, he understands the whole matter. Now only evidence is left to collect against the criminal. You have seen all this in all the crime series so much that you can take a break to yawn.

Another thing that sounds like a jumla in Rudra’s sculpted character is his ruined family life. You have seen more or less this in every police web series in the last two-and-a-half years. To kill the temper, the writer-director shows that the honest hero’s wife is having an affair with someone else. The writer-director has gone a step ahead in Rudra. Here Rudra’s wife (Esha Deol) is in a live-in with a non-male without leaving him or divorcing him. So this is a new idea. Inspired by the British series Luther,

this six-episode Disney-Hotstar series starts off weakly. Knowingly Rudra is unable to prove the crime of Aliya (Rashi Khanna) who killed his parents and pet dog, but in the coming episodes new criminals emerge and present new challenges for Rudra. Huh. These panges taken from the criminals’ Rudra only make the series a bit worth watching.

There is no doubt that Ajay Devgan is the left-right-center of Rudra: The Age of Darkness. Despite this, to increase the importance of Ajay, criminal characters have been created here, which especially give challenges to the police. Now there is no one ahead of Ajay in the police department. That’s why he comes out as a hero or a superhero again and again in every episode. Twisting the pen in his fingers, he solves the matters in his mind by pinching it.

Why actors like Atul Kulkarni, Ashutosh Rana and Satyadeep Mishra are shown as second class in front of Ajay, it is not difficult to understand. On the other hand, why Esha Deol, who reminds her mother Hema Malini in the dialogue delivery, chose this web series to make a comeback, she can open the mystery. Except for one Rashi Khanna, in the rest of the episodes, different actors keep coming and going to challenge Ajay by committing crimes. The character of Rashi definitely leaves a little impact but after a while she stops adding something new to the thrill of the story.

The darkness that has gone into Rudra’s tag line, especially emerges in the last two episodes. Rudra catches the criminal by going deep into the same darkness, but taking the story twist in a filmy style, he himself surprises him too. But the shocking scenes have been drawn so long that the audience’s surprise ends. If you are not a fan of Ajay Devgan and you do not fall in love with his every act, then you cannot trust Rudra with Hundred Percent Entertainment with full confidence.