Sebastian P.C. 524 Review

Occasionally some heroes in the industry are elevated. Kiran Abbavaram is the hero who entered the industry with the movie Rajavaru Ranigaru without any expectation.

  1. Movie_ Sebastian P.C. 524
  2. Release Date_ 4 March 2022
  3. Director By_Balaji Sayyapureddy
  4. Imbd
  5. Google user_93%
  6. Rating_4.1/5

Star Cast

Kiran Abbavaram as Sebastian

Nuveksha as Heli

Komalee Prasad as Neelima

Rohini as Sebastian’s mother

Surya as Neelima’s father-in-law

Adarsh Balakrishna as Neelima’s husband

Srikanth Iyengar as a sub-inspector

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Sebastian P.C. 524

Sebastian (Kiran Abbavaram)’s father wants his son to be a policeman. The mother (Rohini) raises by saying the same thing. Seba also studies with the same goal and becomes a policeman. Sebastian, however, has a passion for childhood. He hides the matter and joins the police force. Every time he is on duty at night .. he gets stuck doing something wrong and gets transferred. Once he is transferred to Madanapalle, his hometown.

All the Seba games go on as the station‌ in-charge there is good. But one day Seba has to do night duty under mandatory conditions. Neelima (Komali Prasad) is killed in Madanapalle on the same day. Who killed her? What has Seba’s friend, lover, and doctor got to do with her murder? Who are the real killers? How did Seba find them? All of these are things that drive the story forward.

Seba finds out in the blue case after working hard for two years for saying in the form of his conscientious mother that job is great .. justice is great .. job is great. Kiran Abbavaram is set to be perfect in this Seba character. He created good fun in Rayalaseema dialect which he is well acquainted with. Seba’s fear of being a policeman with a smirk, and the words he created in that fear made fun. But it is doubtful why Seba will not see the light.

A big drawback to the film is the disappointment of the audience who wanted the next scene to be on a different level every time the main turn came in the film. The predictable narrative, the slow-moving scenes, the fact that nothing new appears anywhere, the scenes that seem to be seen again and again… all test patience.

Gibran’s music is good. Locations in the vicinity of Anantapur also seemed new. It would be nice to take the utmost care when it comes to screenplay. Suveksha screen ‌ Presence is good. Komali Prasad, Adarsh ​​and Surya played their characters well.

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