The Kashmir Files Day 9 Box Office Collection

The Kashmir Files Day 9 Box Office Collection, The Kashmir Files Day 9 India Gross Collection, The Kashmir Files Day 9 India Net Collection, The Kashmir Files Day 9 World Wide Collection,

Bollywood movie The Kashmir Files movie was released in India today Complete 9 days have passed and many of you want to know the complete box office collection of 9 days of The Kashmir Files movie, so today through this article we are going to show you Bollywood movie The Kashmir Files 9 days complete box office collection is about to tell.

Friends, it would not be wrong to say that The Kashmir Files movie has broken many records and this movie will be known for many centuries now because there are very few movies that have made a record in this way, where Prabhas’s movie is one or two days today. Not even collecting crores, on that day this movie is seen doing business of 23 crores from India.

The Kashmir Files Day 9 Box Office Collection

Hindi movie The Kashmir Files, made under the direction of Bollywood director Vivek Anthony, the biggest reason for this movie to be successful in India is that in India this movie has been made tax free in many states and many big superstars and many big politicians. Are also supporting this movie a lot, this movie is based on true incident.

It is shown in this movie about Kashmiri Pandits, maybe you have also seen this movie, then you must give us your opinion in the comment box, friends, The Kashmir Files movie is going to be released in India today is 9 days and the movie is going to be released in India. The collection is increasing every day, on the first day where the movie had collected about three crores, it seemed as if looking at the makers of the movie.

That the movie will be able to collect at least ₹ 20 crores from India, but on the second day this movie showed a growth of 139% and collected around eight crores and then on the third day this movie showed a growth of 70 percent and earned ₹ 15 crores. Collection done and slowly gradually this movie got busted on the media and this movie is being liked by so many people today.

That everyone is going to the theater to watch this movie, at today’s time even the big superstars of Bollywood are afraid to release their movie in the theater because all the shows of this movie are running housefull and at such time if If any movie is released in the theater then the movie is sure to be a flop Akshay Kumar’s movie Bachchan Pandey has been released in India and Pandey movie has done business of about 13 crores.

Day Collection
Day 1 ₹3.8 Crore
Day 2 ₹8.67 Crore
Day 3 ₹15.96 Crore
Day 4 ₹15.47 Crore
Day 5 ₹18.01 crore
Day 6 ₹19.05 Crore
Day 7 ₹18.75 Crore
Day 8 ₹19.68 Crore
Day 9 ₹23.86 Crore
  • India Net Collection_₹139.68 Crore
  • India Gross Collection_₹
  • World Wide Collection_₹
  • Overseas Collection_₹

The Kashmir Files Day 9 Theatre Occupancy 

Morning Show_47.87%

Afternoon Show_

Evening Show_

Night Show_

The Kashmir Files Box office collection

Bollywood movie Kashmir File is making record breaking collection in India. On the ninth day, the India net business of this movie is being told around ₹ 23 crore, if the movie continues to collect in this manner, then for 1 month this movie has collected at least four hundred. Crores have to be collected and at this time Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s movie Bachchan Pandey has been released.

This movie has taken opening on the first day, collecting around ₹ 13 crores, now let’s talk about The Kashmir File movie, so in this movie you are getting to see many superstars like Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty Pallavi Joshi, Puneet Darshan Prakash, who have acted very well. If we talk about the occupancy of movies, then 53% in Mumbai, 61% in Delhi, 70% in Pune, 70% in Bangalore, 43% in Hyderabad, 22% in Kolkata, 35% in Ahmedabad, 40%

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