Undekhi Season 2 Review

OTT is also a medium of content and also a way of presenting the detail of this content to the audience in a neat manner. The stories are all the same, only the way of telling them sets them apart from others. If the actors get strong in this sequence, then there is no need for stars. Audiences keep their arms wide open for new artists,

  • Web Series_ Undekhi Season 2
  • Release Date_4 March 2022
  • Director by_Ashish R. Shukla
  • Imbd_8.3/10
  • Google user_85%
  • Rating_3.9/5
  • OTT platform_ Sonyliv

Undekhi Season 2 Review

The second season of the web series ‘Undekh’ is not like any very enchanting season but this season does not even claim to be its enchanting. Its path slides straight and flat. Its writing has a ravine like ‘Satya Katha’ and ‘Manohar Kahaniyan’ and the biggest thing that makes it different from other web series is their personal texture of its characters in its handwriting. It is nice to see the girls falling on the ends of the twenty one. The story is the same, the style is also the same. Yes, this time the matter is also about some other characters of the story. Tales of mutual fight of drug dealers have also come in this stream. This story of erasing the evidence of the murder in Bhari Mehfil made many new faces the stars of OTT in its first season. His fans will definitely watch this second season and will also feel sad that Dibyendu Bhattacharya did not get as much opportunity to show his skills this time as he would have started watching this series expecting.

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Director Ashish R Shukla has kept himself afloat till now, which is commonly seen amongst those working in the entertainment world of following the West with crime stories. His emphasis remains on showing the story in a natural way. By painting the entire screen in a particular color, he has been refraining from creating fake feelings. This conscious effort of his is what makes ‘Undekh 2’ better than Applause’s another web series ‘Rudra’, released simultaneously on Disney Plus Hotstar. It is a victory for the team of Amey Sarada, Anahata Menon, Deepak Segal and Sumeet Bishnoi that its entire setup manages to engage the audience with its expressions and dialogues.

Unseen 2′ without any lag starts from where the story had stopped in the first season. Rinku is still tricked into killing Koel. If the new entry in the game is of Samarth, then the game falters a bit after reaching the new ground, but soon its female characters take over the command to bring it back on track. The real salt of this crime story is also the characters of Teji, Koel and Saloni, who keep the audience hooked till the last episode of the entire series and then bring it to the end by hinting at the next season. Aanchal Singh, Apeksha Porwal and Ain Zoya have also done full justice to these three characters. Even before Nandish Sandhu appears on the screen in the role of Samarth, the steam of this character starts showing in the series and the series also benefits from this. Like last season, Harsh Chhaya and Surya Sharma are in their full swing this time too. Although the character of Meiyang Chang has been created as a surprise, but the need for more hard work is seen ahead.

Technically too, ‘Undekh 2’ has become better than all other crime web series released on OTT recently. Apart from the hills of Himachal Pradesh, its winding curves, the mood of the characters of the series has also been captured very effectively in the camera. The background music of the series helps the story move smoothly. From the costume to its setting, the hard work done is also good. The weak points of the series include its editing apart from its abuses, but it is going to take time for the writers to make a crime story without abuses on OTT.