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More than 15 days have passed since Tamil superstar Ajith Kumar’s movie Valimai was released in India today and where this movie was released only in Tamil cinema but now Tamil superstar Suriya’s movie is released on 10 March 2022. All of a sudden you guys have seen a lot of decrease in Valimai’s box office collection and now this movie is doing very little collection.

Today, through this article, we are going to provide you information about the complete box office collection of Tamil movie Valimai, so read this article carefully and share the article with all your friends. Valimai Movie India in Tamil Telugu and Hindi has been released in these languages. And u have movie collection they are also very good

Valimai Box Office Collection

Tamil superstar Ajith Kumar, whose movie is very much liked in India and this is a Tamil superstar, whose first time a movie has been released in India in Hindi and Telugu, before that whenever his movie was released, it was released only in Tamil language. Used to be but now due to Coronavirus, all movies in India are being released in all languages.

If we talk about the budget of Valimai movie, then the budget of this movie is being told around ₹150 crores and the collections of this movie are being seen very less, this movie has till now India net collection is around ₹106 crores. World wide collection is around ₹155 crores and India Gross collection is around ₹135 crores by Valimai movie

On the first day this movie had a very good opening and made a box office collection of about ₹ 31 crores, while on the second day it did a box office collection of about 11 crores and on the third day Valimai movie did the box office collection of 16 crores in this manner. In the first week, this movie did a great business, the first week collection of Valimai movie was around ₹ 92 crores.

1 Week ₹92.68 crore
Day 8 ₹1.76 Crore
Day 9 ₹1.88 Crore
Day 10 ₹3.65 Crore
Day 11 ₹4.66 Crore
Day 12 ₹1.38 Crore
Day 13 ₹1.26 Crore
Day 14 ₹1.02 Crore
Day 15 ₹1.00 Crore
Day 16 ₹1.10 Crore
  1. India Net Collection_₹110 Crore 
  2. India Gross Collection_₹135.07 Crore 
  3. World Wide Collection_₹155.07 Crore 
  4. Overseas Collection_₹35.97 Crore 
  5. Budget_₹150 Crore 
  6. Release Date_24 February 2022
  7. Language_Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
  8. Screen Count_3500 

Valimai State Wise Collection

Now we are going to know the state collection of Valimai movie, on the first day this movie collected ₹ 36,000,000 from Karnataka, while AP and faster collected about ₹ 60 lakhs from Kerala, collected about one crore from Kerala and about ₹ 30 from Tamil Nadu. Collection of crores done in this way is the first day collection of Jubilee Mai

That is around ₹ 7 crores, on the second day this movie collected around ₹ 70 lakhs from Karnataka, collected around ₹ 30 lakhs from Kerala and 11 crores from Tamil Nadu, in this way the total collection of this movie is It is around seven crores from Karnataka, it is around two crores from Kerala and around ₹101 crores from Tamil Nadu.

Valimai Chennai City Day Wise Collection

Friends, as you know Valimai is 1 Tamil movie and this movie has the highest collection, it has come from Tamil language and this movie has got a very good response from Chennai City, on the first day this movie has earned about two crores from Chennai City. Collection done on the second day, collected one crore on the third day collected ₹ 13000000, collected ₹ 14,000,000 on the fourth day

Collection of about ₹ 30 lakhs on the fifth day and collection of about ₹ 2500000 on the sixth day, in this way the movie collected about ₹ 6 crores ₹ 60 lakhs in the first week and in the total second week this movie grossed seven crores. did

Disclaimer: The Box Office Data are compiled from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data.

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