Valimai Review | Ajith Kumar’s film is full of tremendous action

Ajith Kumar, Karthike and Huma Qureshi’s film Vallimai has been released today. If you are also planning to watch the film, then first read the review and know how the film is.

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Star Cast :- 

Ajith, Kartikeya Gummakonda, Huma Qureshi, Bani J, Sumithra, Achyuth Kumar, Pugazh

Valimai Movie Story

The film begins with a chain snatching incident and theft by a mask man. The whole public wants answers from the police force, but they themselves do not know much about it. Now Super Cop is called to solve these crimes. After this comes the scene of Madurai where a murder takes place. After this ACP Arjun (Ajit Kumar) is introduced. Ajit’s whistle blows entry. Arjun is then shifted to Chennai and investigates a suicide case linked to chain snatching and drug smuggling.

After this, when the mastermind of these crimes (Karthikeya Gummakonda) comes to know about this, then the action that takes place between the two takes this story forward. In all this, Arjun’s family also comes in the middle. Now will Arjun be able to save the city and his family from this criminal, for this you have to watch the film.

Valimai Review

In the film, you will see a clash between emotions and action. By the way, the same story has been shown in the film, how a policeman fights with the enemy by becoming a one man army to save his city. Action has been used to make the film strong. There are many scenes in the rest of the film where you can predict what will happen next.

When the action sequences between the police and the gangster come in the film, it will keep you engaged in watching the film. The scene at the beginning of the second half is quite funny. By the way, it would not be wrong to say that when the action is not in the film, then the film does not look that much fun.


As always, Ajit has attracted with his action and acting. Huma Qureshi has done a good job in the supporting cast. The celebs who play Ajit’s family in the film did not appear to have much importance in the film. Karthikeya seemed right as a villain, but he could not take his character by improving it on the screen.

So in these short, if the film was based only on action, it would have been good, but when some things are accidentally involved in the film, the interest of the film gets reduced.