Vikrant Rona Day 3 Box Office Collection, World Wide

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Kannada language adventure action drama movie Vikrant Rona made under the direction of Anoop Bhandari, which has been released world wide in India on 28 July 2022, this movie has been released in Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada in all these languages ​​and on the first day the movie has released from India. India net collection is around 19 crores while the movie has made world wide collection on the first day between 22 crores to 25 crores.

On the second day also, the movie seems to be getting a very good opening, but on 29 July 2022, a lot of movies have been released, due to which Vikrant Rona is seen getting less screen, but on the second day of this movie there is a lot of craze among the people. seen in the middle

Vikrant Rona Day 3 Box Office collection

Kannada industry movie Vikrant Rona You are getting to see Kannada superstar Sandeep in the lead role of this movie and it has been included in the list of Kannada language’s second highest opening day grossing movie, if you pay attention, in the last few days Kannada Language Movie KGF Chapter 2 has collected around 12 hundred crores from world wide market

Opening Day did India net collection of about 54 crores and it was included in the list of highest opening day collection movie of 2022, after that Vikrant Rona has joined the list of second highest opening day collection movie. This is the first day India Net collection of this movie.

It is being told around 19 crores and on the second day the movie has made India net collection of about 9 crores, total these two days together the movie has done business from Indian market around 28 crores and this movie has been released in Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam. Very good response is also being seen in all languages.


Day Collection 
Day 1 ₹19.57 Crore
Day 2 ₹8.10 crore 
Day 3 ₹10.67 Crore 

  • India Net collection_₹
  • India Gross Collection_₹
  • World Wide Collection_₹
  • Overseas Collection _₹

Vikrant Rona Day 3 Theatre Occupancy

Morning Show  8.19%
Afternoon Show  9.08%
Evening Show  8.68%
Night Show  12.68%

Vikrant Rona Box Office collection 

Kannada Net Banking  ₹16.06 Crore 
Telugu Net collection  ₹1.7 Crore 
Tamil Net Collection  ₹0.67 Crore 
Hindi Net Collection  ₹1.02 Crore 
Budget  ₹95 Crore 
Language  Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi,

At this time, movies of all industries have been released in the theater, due to which the competition has increased and you will know that Ek Villain Returns movie has been released in Bollywood industry, same in Telugu industry you are getting to see Ravi Teja’s movie Ramarao On Duty. And you are getting to see The legend movie in Tamil industry, due to which Vikranta Rona got around 4000 screens in India on the first day.

On the same second day, only 3000 screens are getting reduced, the biggest reason for this is that due to the release of John Ibrahim and Arjun Kapoor’s movie at this time in Hindi cinema, Vikrant Rona’s screen has reduced a lot and if we talk then Telugu industry. Due to the release of Ravi Teja’s movie in

There has been a lot of screen shortage of this movie, on the first day Vikrant Rona had collected about 16 crores from Kannada language, on the second day also it is seen doing a great collection and on the first day Telugu net collection is around one crore seven lakhs. Did Tamil net collection was around 50 lakhs Hindi net collection was around one crore, Vikrant Rona did on the first day

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